You are somebody’s Time Bandit. We all are. Time Bandits steal your precious time, halt your momentum, reduce productivity and quality control, and cause stress. Edward G. Brown and Jim Bywater will explain how putting an end to interruptions can improve the quality of your work and your personal life. Topics include:

  • Time-loss factors
  • Calculating how much time you waste
  • Negotiating and training the Time Bandits

This webinar is recommended for VP's, CEO's, CFO's, COO's, Directors, and Trainers in all industries.

The first 50 registrants who attend will receive a free copy of, “The Time Bandit Solution” by Edward G. Brown, due in stores August 2014. Disclaimer

Structured Time and Workflow Management
Hosted by: Cohen Brown Management Group

Presented by:

Edward G. Brown is the President and Co-Chairman of Cohen Brown Management Group Inc. and a leading sales, strategist, trainer, marketer, and culture change expert. His upcoming book, The Time Bandit Solution: Recovering Stolen Time You Never Knew You Had will be in stores in August of 2014. The book teaches readers how to eliminate unwanted, unnecessary and unproductive interruptions.

James Bywater is EVP and Managing Director of Global Consulting Solutions at Los Angeles-based Cohen Brown Management Group Inc. He can be reached at

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